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April 2016

Great Deal on Windows for Tiny House!

tiny house windows

We knew windows were going to be one of the biggest costs for the Tiny House. We were seeing an average of around $3000 for all windows, and we were prepared to pay it. We had pushed around the idea of looking for cheap windows on craigslist as well as searching through Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore inventories, but came to the conclusion that this was a item that we did not want to go cheap on. Energy efficiency is the main reason for this, as well as not wanting to sacrifice the quality of our build.

On Friday, April 8th, 2016 we set out to check a few local stores to get quotes to compare, and then make a decision based off of who had the best deals. We didn’t have specific sizes, only a rough size range for each opening. That way we could be flexible and build the house around the windows vs. build the windows around the house.

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Order A Tiny House Trailer

tiny house trailer

On Thursday, April 8th, 2016 we ordered a custom 28′ trailer for our tiny house on wheels. We’ve been talking about this for YEARS and we can hardly believe it’s finally a reality. So unreal!

We ordered our trailer from Kaufman Trailers (find them -> HERE), and it will take about 4 weeks to complete! That means that once the second week of May rolls around we are roadtrippin’ to Lexington, NC to pick it up and then ready to start the official building process. We just. can’t. wait!

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Tiny House Design Plan – The Dream, The Plan, The Build!

tiny house design plan

Hey! Welcome to LittleBittyTinyHouse! This is the first post about our journey of building our very first home, our TINY HOME! We decided that a 28′ trailer was our best option, because want this house to be our long-term house. Even though 28′ is considered a “big” tiny house, we are thinking ahead and planning for the future to ensure that our Tiny House will grow with us and have lots of multi-purpose areas.

The key features of our tiny house:

  • Master loft with stairs
  •  Secondary loft with ladder accessibility
  • Cozy entertainment/media/living room
  • Well laid out kitchen (Cooking is a big part of our life – We run a food blog @
  • Foldable dining table that can double as a work desk or platform for our food photography
  • Comfortable bathroom/laundry with tub
  • Roof deck

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