Great Deal on Windows for Tiny House!

tiny house windows

We knew windows were going to be one of the biggest costs for the Tiny House. We were seeing an average of around $3000 for all windows, and we were prepared to pay it. We had pushed around the idea of looking for cheap windows on craigslist as well as searching through Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore inventories, but came to the conclusion that this was a item that we did not want to go cheap on. Energy efficiency is the main reason for this, as well as not wanting to sacrifice the quality of our build.

On Friday, April 8th, 2016 we set out to check a few local stores to get quotes to compare, and then make a decision based off of who had the best deals. We didn’t have specific sizes, only a rough size range for each opening. That way we could be flexible and build the house around the windows vs. build the windows around the house.

Our first stop was Window World where we were greeted by a friendly sales associate. She asked what our project was and we explained that we were building a tiny house and looking for the best deals on windows.  The sales associate lit up as soon as I mentioned “Tiny House”. She, apparently, is a big fan of Tiny Houses! She got a smirk on her face and said, “I think we have some windows that will interest you, follow me!”.

We went to the back of the warehouse to find stacks of various windows with no organization or order. These were custom windows that were order mistakes and could not be returned. The price was set at $75 each regardless of size. What??? SEVENTY FIVE EACH?! We couldn’t believe it and started searching excitedly – moving window by window and checking sizes. We spent about an hour digging and the end result was beyond amazing! We were able to find all the windows we need, with the exception of the two small kitchen windows! (PS. we found these the following day at Lowes for a good price of $88 a pop – yay!).

The best part is -> these windows aren’t even miss-matched! They are brand new, Energy Star Low-E white vinyl, no grids, and 2/3rds less than our original budget. Thats over $2000 SAVINGS and this is just the beginning!! We still can’t believe how lucky we got, and that this happened at the very first place we stopped. Safe to say we didn’t need to continue our search, haha!

I would recommend to anyone who is planning to build a tiny house to visit some local window stores and see if they offer any deals on “mistake” windows and see what you can make fit, this will enable big savings to put into other areas of your build. Like a fancy new mattress, or high end appliances! We love savings!

What we got:

  • 2 x Large Double Hung Living Room Windows
  • 1 x Large Double Hung Dining Room Window
  • 2 x Small Single Hung Kitchen Windows
  • 1 x Small Bathroom Window
  • 4 x Large Casement Loft Windows
  • 2 x Half Moon Loft Windows

Total Spent : $929.42

Tiny House Couple


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