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tiny house trailer

On Thursday, April 8th, 2016 we ordered a custom 28′ trailer for our tiny house on wheels. We’ve been talking about this for YEARS and we can hardly believe it’s finally a reality. So unreal!

We ordered our trailer from Kaufman Trailers (find them -> HERE), and it will take about 4 weeks to complete! That means that once the second week of May rolls around we are roadtrippin’ to Lexington, NC to pick it up and then ready to start the official building process. We just. can’t. wait!

We spent a lot of time researching trailers and considered a lot of different options – from building our own from scratch to fixing up an old one. Eventually we came to the conclusion that when it comes to the trailer, we are basically talking about the “foundation” of the house. So, it would be a bad idea to try and skimp on that. Our trailer is 28′ Modified Utility Trailer with a width of 102″.

Tiny House Trailer Spec Sheet

Our first design was 26′ long, but after having a pretty good idea of what we want with our layout, we decided to bump it up to 28′. So, even though our tiny house is called “Little Bitty Tiny House”, we are technically a building “McMansion” of the tiny house movement. Reason being is that we decided longevity is more important to us than trying to be as small and cute as possible. We want to make this a home that has the potential to grow with us, instead of us outgrowing it as soon as our family grows. We have spent a lot of time considering the future and trying out best to prepare for it and enable the tiny house to work for us for many years to come.

Right now though, we are counting down the days until May 8th. We can’t wait to see and touch the trailer and pull it to our building site (which we are hoping is going to be an empty lot next to Cody’s parents house. Cody’s dad is a builder and it would be mighty great to have all his tools and expertise nearby).

In the mean time we have a lot to get done! We need to fully finalize our design and then set out to find and buy our windows. We need those before we can start framing, because as we’ve learned from watching other tiny house builders: Do not try to find windows to fit your frame, frame your house around your windows! Much more efficient, and cheaper!

Amount Spent: $5,538.70


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