Tiny House Framing – Complete!

It’s been a little over a month since our last update and it’s another big one! Our frame is finally complete and now the fun stuff begins. It all feels very real now. It’s such a crazy experience when you dream about something for years, do months of planning and then suddenly one day, your vision starts to materialize in front of your eyes. This is what finally building our own tiny house feels like!

The framing has been such a fun learning experience! It’s so simple once you know the basic concept behind it, but such an awesome process non the less. AND of course, it’s super fun seeing it all go up.

Tiny House Framing

As we’ve mentioned before, we decided to insulate the underside of the trailer instead of building a floor frame on top of the trailer. It gave us an extra 4″ of headroom, so there was no question about it. We still need to add a final layer to the bottom of the trailer, but we haven’t decided on a solution for that yet. We’ll let you know once we figure it out.

As for the framing, it ended up taking a little over a month of working about one full day a week. It’s definitely taken way longer than we anticipated. The main reason for that is because Cody’s dad is helping and guiding us a lot through the building process and with these big things, we can only work when he is available. Once we get to the little things though – aka the inside of the tiny house – we’ll probably be able to put in many more hours a week. That’s what we’re hoping for at least eeeek!! Little Bitty Tiny House needs to be done before the baby get here! BIG DEADLINE lol!

Now that the framing is done though, our next step is roofing, sheathing, siding and windows. Yay! We can’t wait to see the rest of the process unfold…

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