About Us

Hey! We’re Cody and Shay!

We’ve both been in love with the tiny house movement since before we even met. Once we realized that we both had the same goals (aka living in a tiny house), we became obsessed with watching every episode of every show about tiny houses, reading tiny house blogs, designing tiny house floor plans and daydreaming about the day we get to build our very own.

One Friday evening we went out for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and as usual, discussed our dream of having our own Tiny House. We came to the sad conclusion that by the time we save up enough to build it with cash, we will have thrown away about double that amount on rent 🙁

After a bit of research and phone calls, we realized that getting a loan to help jump start the build would only cost about 1/4 of our rent and mean that we can stop wasting money sooner! About two weeks later we deposited a loan check of $18,100 and ordered our trailer the very next day…

Now, we build!