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Tiny House Framing – Complete!

It’s been a little over a month since our last update and it’s another big one! Our frame is finally complete and now the fun stuff begins. It all feels very real now. It’s such a crazy experience when you dream about something for years, do months of planning and then suddenly one day, your vision starts to materialize in front of your eyes. This is what finally building our own tiny house feels like!

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Tiny House Build Begins! BIG UPDATE!

Hey folks! A lot has happened since our last post so hold onto your seats for this one!

First of all – On May 14th, 2016 we drove to Lexington, NC to pick up our brand new shiny 28″ trailer!! DAY ONE of our Little Bitty Tiny House Saga is finally here!! We could hardly believe it when we drove onto Kaufmann Trailer’s lot and saw it sitting there. It looked massive and scarily small at the same time haha! The friendly staff at Kaufmann hooked the trailer onto our truck and we excitedly started the (very bumpy) 3 hour drive back home.

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Order A Tiny House Trailer

tiny house trailer

On Thursday, April 8th, 2016 we ordered a custom 28′ trailer for our tiny house on wheels. We’ve been talking about this for YEARS and we can hardly believe it’s finally a reality. So unreal!

We ordered our trailer from Kaufman Trailers (find them -> HERE), and it will take about 4 weeks to complete! That means that once the second week of May rolls around we are roadtrippin’ to Lexington, NC to pick it up and then ready to start the official building process. We just. can’t. wait!

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